Providing cutting-edge rehabilitative technology for autistic children.


About Us

Cognality offers calming virtual reality scenes to help autistic children mitigate the effect of meltdowns.


What We Do.

Cognality offers the best of the best.


Our product allows instant transportation to your child's safe space. Once installed our product is very simple to use and takes less than 30 seconds to set up.


The complementary headsets we provide are small, foldable, and easily portable. Help your child anywhere and at any time.


Our team has done extensive research on the effectivness of our product and have beta tested all scenes. We are confident your child will love it as much as we do!


There is no product out there like this. We believe that technology has the power to do amazing things and it is time it reaches new heights.


See Our Calming Scenes.

We offer a variety of calming scenes from a train to exotic places like Egypt. We believe everyone should have a place they can go to for help when in a triggering situation. Below are some of our favorite scenes.

What They Say About Us.

  • My child was happy and wanted to explore more...It helps the child to block out any visual or auditory stressors and redirect their attention.

    Leanne Mother of six year old autistic child
  • I love that [Cognality is] working to develop tools and technology to support children with Autism and their families! This is a great area of need as rate of diagnosis continue…[this] is a great idea.

    Portia Abernathy Special needs teacher, disability rights advocate


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